Best Real Estate Agents in North Toowoomba & Surroundings:

Looking to move in or out of Toowoomba? Well, then you definitely need the help of an experienced realtor to get you the best deals possible. Read this brief guide to learn about the best real estate North Toowoomba agents.

1. Jacqui Walker:


  • They’re the leading real estate agents in the region because of their exposure to the properties available for dealings. This helps them keep tabs on available and upcoming opportunities, so their clients can get the best of the best in terms of properties and their prices.Their team of professional agents has a great track record, and they’re always ready to help their clients with whatever they need.

2. Raine & Horne:

Raine and Horne
  • This one is an agency, a great one, to be precise. They’ve got the best real estate agents in North Toowoomba, and it shows in their work. The agency has been helping people buy, sell, and rent properties left, right, and center since 1997.
  • The best part about using their services is receiving personalized service, so every customer gets exactly what they want, nothing less.

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3. York Realty:

real estate agents
  • An independent company for real estate sales & property management working in Toowoomba. The main guy behind York Realty is Mark Dietz, who started his career when he was just 20, back in 2001. Later, in 2007, he founded York Realty with another realtor.
  • They’ve been so busy for the past few years that they’ve sold nearly one out of every four properties in the residential zone of Harristown.

4. MyHouse Realty:

Myhouse Realty
  • Another one of the best real estate North Toowoomba agents. The company was established in 2007 by Michael Brown, who has over 15 years of experience in the industry and handles the sales and rental part of the agency.
  • The best part about them is they do not charge any upfront costs to promote and market their properties.

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