A question that everyone storing their belongings in storage units has in mind is what will happen if the facility gets flooded? It’s a legit thing to ask, and not just a flood, but other disasters like a fire or storm can also wreak havoc on your storage unit. So if you want to know whether storage units in Kallangur are well protected, read this guide till the end.

We’ve Got a Flood Free Facility:


The best part of using a storage facility in Kallangur is it is a flood-free area. This means no matter how angry the ocean and rivers are; their wrath will never reach Kallangur as it’s above the flood zones. Even though some places in these regions can get flash floods, our facility is at the driest end of things. We’ve also got climate control and airtight units that’ll keep your valuables safe whether there’s a storm or rain.

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You Can Get Insurance for Additional Protection

  • We also offer additional protection via insurance coverage for your belongings called Consumer Goods insurance. Even though our storage units are well-maintained and fully secure, you can get coverage from things like floods, fire, and other accidents. This will ensure your investment in the belongings you store always stay protected.

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We Inspect & Stay Prepared:

We’re always on top of our facility protection game. So if there are warnings for storms or even rains, we take all the necessary precautions to ensure the water doesn’t penetrate into the storage units.  Similarly, we regularly inspect the facility to ensure everything from fire safety systems to temperature regulators is working flawlessly. So rest assured knowing your valuables are safe with us.

Parting Words

So, do storage units flood? Yes, they do, but not ours! Guardian Self Storage in Kallangur represents its name well – it guards your belongings. Even if you want to store something that can quickly go bad with moisture or change in temperature, you can still count on our self storage Kallangur units. With a temperature control facility, you’ll never go wrong.