27 Jun 2021

Are you out of space to store your belongings? It is an all too common problem, but sometimes our homes are not big enough anymore. That's when self storage in Sunshine Coast comes in handy! But how do you know which size unit will be best for you and what features should you look for? Read on to learn about the different sizes available, as well as some of the other factors that affect your decision. Storage facility sizes. There are many self storage facilities available for a wide range of needs.

Let's go over the different sizes and what those might be best suited to:

1. Smaller units:
These spaces will usually have less than 500 square feet of space, but some can offer up to 1100 sq ft. They're great if you want something more manageable when just storing personal items or smaller household belongings like seasonal clothing or holiday decorations. Because it is more affordable in terms of price/space ratio, these may also suit someone who does not need as much room such as students living at home while attending school away from home.

2. Medium size units:
The next option has an average size between 1000 - 1800 sq ft. These may be great for people who are downsizing, have moved to a smaller home or need storage space while they're between homes. They can also suit someone with more personal items than small spaces like students living off campus and looking for furniture storage solutions.

3. Large size units:
The largest option is usually about 2000 sq ft of space which will generally accommodate most peoples' needs in terms of storing household goods, vehicles, large appliances and even boats & RVs. If you think your belongings would easily fit into such an area then you might want to go this route!

4. Shelving:

One other thing that should play a role when considering the right self-storage unit size is shelving (or lack thereof). You'll often see that there are units available with and without shelving. If you're the type to go in on a regular basis, then this could be something that's worth paying attention to as it can make accessing your items more convenient.

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5. If you're short on time:
When looking for size, one of the other things to consider is whether there will be enough room left over after everything has been put away so that if someone needs access to some belongings they won't have trouble finding them at all! For instance, when working within a tight timeframe like before uni starts up again or during an emergency situation such as flooding which not only damages possessions but also renders useless ones inaccessible due to water damage.

6. Climate control:
Similarly, if you're storing highly perishable goods such as food or other organic materials then climate control could be an important consideration for you! Either way it's always good to have air conditioning systems in place which help with the temperature fluctuations that can occur during hot days and heat waves.

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7. Insurance coverage:
Finally, one last thing to think about when choosing your unit size is whether they offer insurance cover which will protect against fire or flood damage for example - just bear in mind how much protection from these threats you'll require before deciding on any particular type because some places don't offer any cover whatsoever!

Hopefully, this article has helped to outline the most important things to think about when choosing self storage Sunshine Coast. As we've seen there are many factors involved in picking out a good unit size, but now you know what they are hopefully it'll be much easier for you to find the right place for your belongings! Good luck with finding your ideal location.

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