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Frequently Asked Questions
Will I Be Able To Store Goods For My Business With You?

Meeting the storage needs for businesses is a common use of our facilities. We can even help you if you need both managed storage and somewhere for deliveries to arrive. Simply give our team a call and we can work around your needs, or we can also answer any other questions you might have about storage in Queensland and New South Wales.

Can You Offer Insurance For My Belongings?

It's absolutely possible to add insurance to your goods while they're in storage. This is an easy thing to setup when you first move in, or to add on at any time during your stay with our team. If you've got any other questions about storage in Queensland and New South Wales, then you can rely on our team to help answer them for you.

Are Your Sheds Waterproof?

As part of our dedication to keeping your goods safe, we make sure all of our sheds are waterproofed. We also insulate all of the sheds to make sure your goods aren't damaged in anyway. If you need help with storage in Queensland and New South Wales, get in touch with our team.

Does Guardian Self Storage Have A Trailer Or Truck I Can Use?

If you're moving into our facilities, you'll be able to borrow our trailer for free. Should you also need this trailer to move out, then you can contact our friendly staff about its availability, the rates for either a full or half day of rent, or to simply put any other questions about storage in Queensland and New South Wales you might have to bed.

Is There Anything I Need To Do When Storing My Car Long Term?

A car that's left to sit untouched in your garage might start rusting, and it can also gather quite a bit of dust. Storing your car properly is as simple as giving our friendly staff members a call about our ability to help you with storage near Queensland and New South Wales.

When Can I Move In?

While there is an available space at your facility, then you'll be able to move straight in to your unit. Just get in touch with us during our business hours, and we'll do everything we can to help you with your needs for storage in Queensland and New South Wales.

Are there any hidden fees?

Though many other storage companies will have a laundry list of hidden fees for you to worry about, we don't. To put it simply, admin fees or initial set up fees aren't something you need to worry about with us. Simply pay for your first month and move right on in. The cost of a padlock is the only other fee to consider, though we do sell them in our box shop, if you need one. For all questions you have that pertain to storage in Queensland and New South Wales, you can trust our team to help.

Is It Possible To Operate A Business From Your Storage Units?

There's no shortage of benefits that both home and business owners can get out of a storage unit. When you don't need something, you can safely put it aside in your unit until you know what to do about it. However, over the past few years, there's a lot of talk about using storage units to operate businesses. To find out if that's something that you can do, reach out to our amazing staff regarding any question you have about storage in Queensland and New South Wales.