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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I Use Your Facilities For My Business Storage?

Absolutely, it's common for businesses to choose to store with us. Should you require a location for deliveries to be made and help with managed storage, that's something that we can offer, too. Reach out to your stellar team if you need help making sure your storage needs are being met.

Can My Goods Be Insured While With You?

Absolutely, it's astoundingly simple to add insurance to your belongings while they're being stored. You can either choose to add this on at any time during your stay with our storage team, though it is also incredibly easy to setup when you first move in.

Can You Offer Water Protection In Your Sheds?

Absolutely, every shed in our facilities are waterproof. To prevent even the most minute damage, we also make sure every shed is appropriately insulated.

Can I Rent Either A Trailer Or Truck From Guardian Self Storage?

For every new customer moving in to our facilities, we have a free trailer available for use. That trailer is also available to any customer moving out, for a fee, and you're encouraged to ask your local team of friendly storage experts about the rates and availability.

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare My Car For Long Term Storage?

It's normal to feel concerned about both dust and rust when your car is sitting unused in your garage. With our car storage facilities, you won't have to worry about any of that - just give our team a call, and we'll get you started.

How Long Before I Can Move In?

So long as there is availability at your facility of choice, there's no waiting period before moving in. Our friendly team is always ready to help you with any of your storage needs - just give us a call today.

What Hidden Fees Do I Need To Consider?

We don't have any hidden fees you'll need to worry about, unlike most of our competitors. When you work with Guardian Self Storage, admin fees and initial set up fees just aren't worth thinking about. Your storage unit will be available to you just as soon as you've paid for your first month. If you don't already own a padlock, that's the only extra cost you'll need to think about, and we do sell them in our box shop if you need one.

Is It Possible To Operate A Business From Your Storage Units?

Both home and business owners understand the significant benefits storage units can provide. You'll be able to take your time working out what to do with unwanted or unneeded goods with a storage unit. Having said that, it's become extremely common for our customers to consider operating a business out of a storage facility. Our fantastic staff will be able to tell you more about whether that's a suitable solution for your specific circumstances.