What You Need To Know Before Investing in Self Storage Unit

We know you have stuff stored in your house. We also know that there are times when it just seems like too much to deal with the clutter, and you need a break from all the junk. Self storage units in Sunshine Coast are an ideal solution for items that cannot be put away, because those items can live there! They’re one of the most convenient ways to make space for yourself while still keeping your belongings safe and sound until you’re ready for them again.

Self storage is an affordable way to get organized, but how long should I store my things in a unit?

How Long Can You Store Your Items In A Self Storage:

  • You have the option of storing your items for as long or short a time period as you need. In most cases, one month is typically the minimum amount of time needed at a self storage facility.
self storage unit
  • The duration of your rental does not affect its monthly cost! Self storage units are charged per day, and they can be rented by the week, month, six months or year. 
  • If there’s something specific that caused this temporary inconvenience-say construction on your street–you may want to consider this as a reason to store your items for a longer amount of time.
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  • If you’re storing household goods that are used infrequently, and will not be needed until the original resident moves back into their home, then it is recommended to rent at least six months or more from when they plan on moving in!
  • For those who have items that are used on a yearly basis, it’s advised to rent for at least 12 months.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that while items stored for less than a year will be charged per month, those stored over one year will be charged annually. For this reason, if you want the best value and savings possible, then it’s advised not to store your things here for anything shorter than 12 full calendar months.
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  • Please contact Sunshine Coast Self Storage today and speak to our friendly staff about your storage needs!
  • When moving out of self storage make sure all locks were removed from doors, clean before vacating the unit, seal the entrance door so no other person or animals can enter during the vacant period. Removal is done by Sunshine coast self storage employees.

Conclusion: For self storage Sunshine Coast contact us today, our prices are competitive, and you can store your items as long as you require. Hopefully this blog post will help you understand more about how long your items can be stored in a self storage unit.