Great! You’re finally getting around to packing for your move. Congrats on making it this far, but if you want to avoid the 10 most common packing mistakes and make your life a little easier, then read on. We’ve seen lots of people pack incorrectly and end up with some pretty serious problems along the way so let’s start by avoiding these 10 major blunders.

1. You don’t start early enough.


Packing is a pretty daunting task, so many people procrastinate and put it off until the last minute before their move date only to find they have no time for packing at all! This usually leads to stress and more work since you’ll be trying to pack in just days or even hours instead of having weeks worth of time. We recommend starting with sorting through your possessions as soon as possible. This way nothing will slip between the cracks and make an appearance unpacked on moving day! Plan by working backward from when you need to vacate your home (usually 30-60 days before) then decide how much space each item needs which should allow plenty of time to move everything out and pack up what’s left.

2. You only use one box or container.

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This may seem like an obvious mistake if you’re just looking at your own situation, but we’ve seen people do it with great frequency while helping others in their moves in Caloundra so it warrants special mention as a top point that too many people make. If all you have is a 12×12 storage unit, then only use one box and see if you can stack them. If all the other “stuff” doesn’t fit into that box, it may be worth considering an alternate plan because what’s not in that single container will need to find another place for your move which could lead to some serious headaches down the line.

3. You pack fragile items as if they were not fragile.

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We don’t know about you but we’ve seen people who have wrapped their dishes in newspapers only to find out that the paper absorbed all of the water from a leak and it was ruined. Nothing will save something like this at this point! If you’re moving anything breakable, make sure there is some sort of cushion or protection around them so no one gets hurt during your move and everything arrives safe and sound.

4. You leave clothes on hangers.

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Again, this may seem obvious to those packing themselves but for many people with larger households, it can be easy to forget once the boxes start filling up quickly. It’s always a good practice when packing to remove the clothes from the hangers and put them in a box. This way, you know what’s packed into each box without having to open it or go through every single item with your hands!

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5. You’re not labeling boxes in a way that makes sense.

If multiple people are sharing the responsibility for packing up your belongings, it can be difficult to make sure each box has been labeled with a number or letter so everyone knows what’s inside. Yet another reason why it pays off to start labeling them early-you’ll save yourself time later when unpacking!

6. You’ve forgotten about furniture like chairs or tables.

It’s easy enough to forget about smaller but still important things while packing because we don’t give these items as much thought until they’re missing, after all, is said and done. That’s why it pays to get all the furniture in your home out and take a picture of what you’ve got.

7. You’re not breaking down furniture properly.

Furniture like dressers, desks, chairs, or tables will need some extra attention when packing up-they can’t be just thrown into boxes! A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t have any drawers under something such as a couch or chair, then break these items down first with pieces facing inward so they’ll be easier to assemble again after moving day is done.

8. You have too much stuff to fit into one container.

One really common packing mistake is to fill up just one caloundra self storage unit instead of renting more space for everything you need. It’s important to be realistic about what will actually fit inside each container beforehand – make sure you take an inventory first before anything else!

9. You’re not using a wardrobe box or protective cover.

If you want to protect your clothes from getting dirty and wet, then invest in some heavy-duty plastic coat hangers with clips like these-they’ll keep all of your sleeve lengths even so that nothing gets damaged during the move!

10. You don’t use enough packing material.


It can be tempting to think that because you’re not moving far away, there won’t need much cushioning for items inside of boxes but this is actually one of the most common mistakes people make when packing their own things up they underestimate how fragile their belongings are and skimp on using appropriate materials like bubble wrap and air pillows.

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Hopefully, this article has helped to outline the most important things to think about when choosing self storage Sunshine Coast. As we’ve seen there are many factors involved in picking out a good unit size, but now you know what they are hopefully it’ll be much easier for you to find the right place for your belongings! Good luck with finding your ideal location.