27 Jun 2021

Did you know that 38% of homeowners in Queensland have lost at least one valuable item due to inadequate storage? That's why we're going to show you how to store your most prized possessions in ways that will keep them safe and out-of-sight, but still easily accessible.

Here is a list on How To Store Valuable Items

1. Maintain your valuables in a high-security safe deposit box.
This will keep them out of sight, yet easily accessible when you need to get something from it quickly. Make sure the bank is insured against theft or fire so that if anything does happen, you're covered.

2. Store items such as paintings and sculptures off the ground
These should on display units with glass tops (or Plexiglas) which can be valuable both for their artistic merit and building value in your home's resale price. These should be stored away from any windows where they could attract attention by passersby outside who would have access to breaking through a window to steal them if not properly secured inside your house.

3. Store items, such as jewelry and heirlooms not currently in use or on display for an occasion, in a safety deposit box.
The safety of your valuables should be a top priority. Store items such as jewelry and heirlooms not currently in use or on display for an occasion, in a safe deposit box to keep them away from potential thieves who may want to steal these things that hold so much sentimental value.

4. Keep other valuable items out of sight but easily accessible.
You can do this by storing them inside your home's closets with hooks that are positioned high enough to keep the item from being visible when you open the door. This way, even if someone were prowling around your room looking into every nook and cranny (and opening all drawers), they might still be unaware of what is hiding behind closed doors.

5. If possible, store some valuables off-premises either at a bank vault or at another family member's home
It will also have greater security than just your home. Encourage family members and close friends who may have some items at home that you would want to be stored for safekeeping to consider self-storage too.

6. Valuables in Attic Or Basement
Similarly, if you're storing highly perishable goods such as food or other organic materials then climate control could be an important consideration for you! Either way it's always good to have air conditioning systems in place which help with the temperature fluctuations that can occur during hot days and heat waves.

7. Self Storages
Self Storage Queensland is an excellent way to store your most valuable and irreplaceable treasures in the event of a natural disaster or another emergency. Self Storages are also inexpensive, an out-of-the-way storage unit is a great place to store your valuable items.

Set up an alarm system at home so intruders can't enter without setting off alarms that will notify neighbors who will call the police.

9.In case You're Renting
If you're renting, check with your landlord about whether there is an option for storing extra furniture off-premises during periods when you won't be occupying the property as tenants are not allowed to sublease their units so they can keep all contents inside it while leasing out another one on top. Read More About: Do You Really Need All That Stuff In Your House? Get Rid Of Some!

10.Unusual Places
Keep valuable objects out of sight by hanging them from high ceilings and hiding them behind heavy furniture so burglars can't see what they might find if they break through locks on doors.

11.Donate To Free up Storage
Donate unused clothes, pillows, blankets, etc., rather than keep it all stored away just because you don't want to travel back home every few months to get rid of things. This will also save space, which you will be glad of when the time comes to pack for your next move.

Hopefully, this article has helped to outline the most important things to think about when choosing self storage Sunshine Coast. As we've seen there are many factors involved in picking out a good unit size, but now you know what they are hopefully it'll be much easier for you to find the right place for your belongings! Good luck with finding your ideal location.

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