Storage units have been a significant part of every home and business owner’s life. You can safely tuck away the stuff you don’t need until you decide what to do with it. However, over the past few years, there’s a lot of talk about using storage units to operate businesses. If you want to know whether it’s something that can be done and, if so, what kind of businesses can benefit from it, then keep reading till the end.

So, Can You Use Storage Units to Operate Your Business?


  • Well, there’s no sure-shot answer to this, and it solely depends on the type of business you operate. However, even if you have a business like fast food franchise that cannot be run from a storage unit, you can leverage it to store the stock and equipment at affordable rates with greater security in Ballina. That said, there are many businesses that you can efficiently operate from storage units and bank some good money while doing so.

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Some Examples of Businesses to Run from Storage Units

  • Landscaping: Being a landscaping company, you need to store your tools someplace during the off-season. Because of the size of some tools and machines, you cannot put all of them in a truck. So a business storage unit is best for this purpose.
  • Art Galleries: Organizing an art show requires a lot of equipment ranging from lights to shelves and special cases for art pieces. Securing everything along with your art in dry, clean, and climate-controlled storage units will ensure maximum safety.
  • Ecommerce: Sellers on eBay & Amazon need a place to safely store their stock and ship the products as they get the orders – storage units can be perfect for this.

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Is it Legal to Run a Business Out of a Storage in Ballina?

This is something you’ll have to ask about from the storage unit provider you’re dealing with. Many of them don’t even allow businesses to operate from their facility. This can be due to their units not having a great environment for delicate inventory storage or maybe because of some laws by the state.

However, we at Guardian Self Storage Ballina allow businesses to use our storage facility as a means to operate their business. Whether you need to store inventory, equipment, or some important business-related documents, you can freely use our business storage units.