Won’t be using your car for a long time? Worried it’ll collect dust and rust if left in the garage? Well, the good thing is, you can always opt for a car storage facility. Let’s see some tips for safe long term storage of your vehicle and how a storage facility in Deception Bay can help.

5 Tips to Prepare for Long Term Car Storage:

1. Fill Up All Fluids:

pouring car fluid

Top off on all the fluids, including the fuel, as an empty tank can start to get corrosion with moisture. Furthermore, have brake fluid and engine oil filled up as well. Used oil can start damaging the engine, so have a brand-new put inside just before parking your ride inside the car storage facility.

2. Wash it Thoroughly: 

car washing

Wash the car thoroughly from inside out to get rid of any loose crumbs that can attract pests. Plus, cleaning the vehicle will get rid of odours that can get strong with time. Also, put mothballs and silica gel packs inside to deter pests and avoid moisture buildup.

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3. Inflate Tires:

tyre inflate

When you store a vehicle for the long term, especially when it’s winters, its tires can start to deflate, resulting in flat spots. Plus, this can create trouble when driving to the mechanic after taking the car out of storage. So, inflate the tires according to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure ratings.

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4. Keep The Battery Charged:

car battery

Disconnect the battery from the negative end to ensure it doesn’t lose charge. However, you can lose time, stereo, and other settings this way. If you want to keep the settings, get a trickle charger, hook it up to the battery from one end, and put the other end in a nearby wall outlet. This will keep the battery from discharging during long term storage.

5. Find the Right Place for Car Storage:

car washing

This is the most important part of the process. You need to choose a place free from moisture and environmentally controlled, so your vehicle doesn’t get rust or other types of damages over time. A long term car storage unit is perfect for this.


Guardian Self Storage in Deception Bay Can Help:

If you need long term storage for your car, our state-of-the-art self storage units in Deception Bay are ready to secure your vehicle for as long as you want.

Feel free to give us a call; we’ll take good care of your ride at Guardian Self Storage.