Whenever you are going for any service, you research about it because no one has mastery in it. But sometimes, you are doubtful about whether to ask a question or not.

Your mind should be clear about every query no matter however scary it is. No one is ever going to pay for the storage of those items that are not valuable in one’s life. If you also have some questions in your mind but are afraid to ask about them, we have got your back.  Here are the answers to 9 scary questions about self storage that are commonly asked.

1. What Can I not Store in Self Storage Unit?


While there are various items that you can store in a self-storage unit, there are a few you can’t. You might be curious about what to store and what not to. You can not store illegal items, including weapons, arms, and explosives unless you have a license. Moreover, storing pets is also restricted. 


2. Is the unit temperature controlled?

storage units

All the self storage units in Sunshine Coast own a thermoregulatory system. The temperature of a self storage unit ranges from 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit. You can choose whatever temperature you want either hot or cold.

3. What about bugs and pests?

pest control

If you are storing clothes and papers in a storage unit, you might be concerned about bugs and pests. These microorganisms can invade anywhere. For your defense, self storage units in Sunshine Coast are regularly sprayed to prevent any bugs or pests.

4. What about rain or storm?


Storage units are entirely covered and protected from rain or storm. Even if you store a car in a storage unit, it is protected from sunlight. And hence, saved from damage.

5. Do they have a duplicate key to my storage unit?


No self storage company keeps a duplicate key. Once you rent a storage unit, the key is handed over to you. No one has the authority to open it again. However, for security purposes, some storage units may be needed to be checked with your permission. 

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6. Can I store wine in self storage?


Yes, you can store wine in a self storage unit. There are specified storage units that are particularly made for storing wine and beer. For this, you’ll need a wine rack to stack the wine bottles, so they could be protected from any damage.

7. Can I visit the storage unit before renting?

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Likewise, you visit an apartment before renting it, you can visit a storage unit too. It will give you a better perspective of space, safety, and protection.

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8. What are the security controls?

utilize corner

The corners in our rooms are left out and not used properly. You can occupy them by hanging decorative items or making corner bookshelves. Or you may also place indoor plants on those shelves. It will save space while stimulating the aura of the room.

9. Is there any deal?

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It varies from company to company. Most self storage units do not offer any deals. However, there are flexible contracts and insurance policies.