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205 Kruger Parade, Redbank Plains QLD 4301

Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 12:30pm
Sunday: Closed
Phone: (07) 3333 2906

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Best Self Storage Redbank Plains

The storage units offered at this facility come in a diverse selection of sizes. When you're looking for self storage near me, you need to look no further than our facility located in Redbank Plains, and our onsite manager will make meeting any storage needs you have an easy task.

Storage Near Me At Low Costs

It is hard to find a more affordable self storage near Redbank Plains than the options Guardian Self Storage is offering. Storing your goods with Guardian Self Storage is easy, thanks to the lack of upfront administration fees. Additionally, no lock-in contract makes storing even easier.

Number 1 Choice For Self Storage In Redbank Plains

Keeping our storage sites clean and pest free is something that we take care to do on a regular basis. Our onsite manager is always happy to ensure your storage requirements are being met.

Shop for Redbank Plains Boxes & Packing Tape

If you need boxes and packing supplies in Redbank Plains, we have it all. Cardboard boxes, tape, paper, archive boxes, and more; whatever you need, we have it. Even if you are not storing, we are open to the public and our cheap storage and box prices are the best in Redbank Plains.

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As part of the Guardian Self Storage system, Redbank Plains Self Storage is now one of the numerous sites managed by our team. Redbank Plains is now benefiting from a Guardian Self Storage facility, the leading providers of storage in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.


  • Individual pin code access for customer convenience
  • High-security facility with 24/7 CCTV recordings and a daily security walkthrough performed by the manager
  • 7 day access, Monday – Friday 6:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
  • Multi-storey facility with a wide range of unit sizes, from 1.5m x 1.5m up to 3 x 7.5m
  • Additional storage options available for any with specific requirements
  • Onsite manager

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Customer Reviews
What clients say about Guardian Storage Redbank Plains
I had to take my mother-in-law to get storage space for her and her daughter. I found the lady that was on very helpful. Come moving day it was realised that one shed was not enough so we went to the office to organise another one. Though a different member of staff, she too was very helpful and consulted with both the removal company staff and ourselves on the size of the second shed before signing us up for it. I recommend this facility to anyone wishing to store stuff in storage sheds.
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thanks for the wonderful feedback
Jen Short 25 Jul 2022
Great facility super convenient. 5star + plus when it comes to customer service. The site manager Jenny is amazing, she goes above and beyond. She has been absolutely fantastic and is an absolute asset to the this business. Jenny, myself and my partner would like to personally thank you for making this part of my move completely effortless, and one less thing I had to worry about while stressing out trying to find a place to live. JENNY GENUINELY THANK YOU..!!!
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thanks Shane for your 5 star review & great feedback!  So glad you received the 5 star service our Managers pride ourselves on.  Thank you for choosing to store with us and we are glad to have been able to be of service to you.
Shane RAFANOWIC 25 Jul 2022
Jenny from the Redbank self storage is the best woman in customer service. I have been sorting for over 18 months & has been the best experience. Thank you
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thanks Kesleigh for your 5 star review and great feedback.  Thanks for choosing to store with us.
Kesleigh Toala 20 Jun 2022
Good value. Clean storage units. Staff very helpful. Would recommend to anyone.
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thank you Andrew for your great feedback with a 5 star review.  Thank you for choosing to store with us.
Andrew Eliott 18 May 2022
Absolutely recommended this storage facility. Jenny the storage manager was fantastic and so helpful. She went above and beyond to help me more than she had too.
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thanks Dawn for your 5 star review and kind words.  Glad to have been able to be of service to you and that you received the 5 star service we pride ourselves on.  Thank you for storing with us.
Dawn Wilson 12 Apr 2022
Frequently Asked Questions about storage Redbank Plains
What Makes Self Storage The Right Choice For My Needs?

It is a useful skill in life to know when you need to make a change. Trying to find space for all of your belongings in your home may be physically possible, but it isn't always the best idea. The preferred choice for self storage in Redbank Plains, Guardian Self Storage, can help you understand when it's time to make the switch to a self storage facility. All of our facilities offer something unique - get in touch with your local facility via our enquiry form to find out more about how they can help your storage needs.

Most people find that self storage is the right choice for many reasons. Our safe and secure facilities make moving your items in easy with our flexible contracts and accessible units. Once you have moved your belongings into our storage facility, you can return some space to your home by effectively decluttering it without needing to throw away your precious items. If you plan to move house or travel, then moving all of your belongings from your house to a storage unit may be a cheap way to keep all of your belongings until you're ready to move back into a permanent living situation. Most businesses would also benefit from a self storage facility, as they provide affordable off-site storage solutions that are suitable for most overflow inventory and stock. Self storage facilities offer anyone a wide range of benefits, and for most people, determining whether or not your items should be stored in one of our facilities is an easy choice to make.

What Makes Storage Units So Popular?

Whether it's cupboards, sheds, or garages, most homes have some amount of storage space. Despite that, though, self storage facilities are exceedingly popular, and many people choose to rent out extra storage space rather than fit all of their belongings into their homes. The team here at Guardian Self Storage has a deep understanding of what makes our storage units so attractive to our customers, and we can help anyone understand why our Redbank Plains self storage options are so popular. Find out more about the storage options offered by our facilities by filling out our enquiry form.

The popularity of self storage is owed to how accessible and convenient it is. All of your belongings can be stored securely and off-site when you leave them in a self storage facility. As an example, in the event of incoming flooding rains, you may choose to move your belongings into a storage facility rather than let them be damaged in the floods. Storing all of your items at home also creates a sense of clutter, while keeping them off-site in a storage facility allows you to keep all of your precious memories without having to compromise on the space you have available at home. Moving houses can be difficult if both the new and old house are inaccessible at the same time, but you can use a storage unit as a third-party location to store all of your belongings. Considering the benefits, it is easy to see why accessible self storage is so popular.

Can I Live In A Storage Unit?

There is a long list of reasons that make storage units convenient. They are typically centrally located, the spaces are large, and the rent is cheap. Even with all of those positives, though, it is almost always a bad idea to actually try and live in a storage unit. Guardian Self Storage, the leading local choice for self storage Redbank Plains, can help you learn about why living in a storage unit is a bad idea. Learn more about our storage options by getting in touch with your friendly local storage team via our enquiry form.

Both the local councils and governments on a state and federal level have set forth habitability requirements that make it illegal to live in the storage units inside of our facilities. Residing and sleeping in any building requires that the building meet the minimum habitability requirements for permanent residence, which our facilities do not. In addition, most storage units do not have immediate access to running water, electricity, and variable cooling, which means you will not be able to make the space as comfortable as a small apartment. Your privacy will also be stripped away inside of the storage unit as you cannot lock them internally, only externally. In most situations, living inside of a storage unit is simply not possible due to the habitability requirements set forth in the law.

What Options Are There For A Managed Commercial Unit?

Maintaining and running a small business by yourself is a difficult task. In addition to all of the regular duties of the job like getting in touch with customers or performing the services requested, you may also need to manage large amounts of stock and inventory, which quickly becomes tedious. Guardian Self Storage offers managed commercial units as part of our Redbank Plains self storage, which may be able to ease some of that burden for you. Each of our facilities managers would love to help you find the right storage solutions for your needs - complete our enquiry form today to get in touch with our team.

Sometimes, it is easier to operate your business when you use a managed commercial unit. Stock deliveries can be received by our facility staff for any customer with a managed commercial unit, which can help the business owner and staff take some pressure off of themselves. After receiving stock for a customer, we place it inside of their unit and let them know that a delivery has been made. If customers with a managed commercial unit need to regularly dispose of rubbish, we are happy to collect rubbish from outside of their unit and then dispose of it in our industrial bins. Parcels can also be delivered from our facilities, and all you need to do is leave them with our office staff with the right allowances, shipping labels, and any other relevant information. When you're looking to make managing a business simpler, then you can turn to our managed commercial units for help.

Can I Downsize Into A Smaller Unit?

It can be difficult to find the right storage unit for your needs. In most cases, there are different sizes available at any given facility, and if you need storage in a hurry, it can be hard to know that you have made the right decision. The team here at Guardian Self Storage, the preferred choice for self storage in Redbank Plains, do everything we can to make sure every customer is comfortable in their storage unit, big or small. Contact our team on our enquiry form to find a storage solution that will be tailored to ensure your needs are being met.

Downsizing into a smaller unit is always possible for anyone who feels they need to. Without a lock-in clause in our contracts, customers are able to alter their lease as they'd please. This freedom does help customers leave their unit without hassle when their need for storage ends, but it is also helpful for anyone who needs a smaller unit. Similarly, if you have leased a storage unit that you feel is too small, you can also upscale into a larger unit. Throughout the year, business customers can find that their storage needs will change, so this level of flexibility can be extremely useful to them. In our facilities, you are welcome to downsize your unit as you please.

Does Long-Term Storage Bring A Discount On My Storage Rate?

Most customers find that affordability in self storage is extremely important. Some customers choose to leave their belongings in storage for long periods, and these customers typically enjoy discounts on their storage rates. Thankfully, the discount rates enjoyed by long-term customers of Guardian Self Storage, the primary provider of Redbank Plains self storage, are excellent. Whatever your storage needs, your local storage facility can help - fill out our enquiry form to get started today.

Discounted rates are available to most customers who choose to use our storage units long-term. Because we do not offer lock-in contracts, we only ask customers to pay a single month of storage when they choose to stay with our facilities. If instead they choose to pay in advance, though, they may receive a variably-discounted rate. Typically, the discount rates are 2.5% off for three months, 5% off for six months, and 10% off for twelve months in advance. As the contracts are not lock-in, regardess of how many months in advance a customer has paid, they are always welcome to move out. If customers still have credit on their account when it comes time to move out, we will refund the remainder to them. There are discounted rates available for anyone seeking long-term storage in our facilities.

What Packing Boxes Do You Offer?

Storing your items correctly is a complex balancing act between choosing the right storage unit and ensuring all of your items are properly packed. When it comes time to safely packing items, though, there is a wide range of boxes available that are suitable for different purposes. Guardian Self Storage, the best provider of Redbank Plains self storage, offers a broad range of packing boxes that are suitable for differing requirements. No matter what kind of storage you require, your local team can help you - complete our enquiry form today to get in touch with our friendly team.

The large assortment of boxes we offer are suitable for the differing requirements each of our customers possess. Unique packing techniques are required to keep different items safe in storage. As an example, any fragile item is likely better off stored in it's own packing box but won't take up much space individually, which would require you to sure many smaller boxes, not a single large box. Stronger items may instead be capable of being stored with other items, which would be best achieved with large cardboard boxes. TVs, wine bottles, and other speciality items may require that you use modified cardboard boxes designed for those items to ensure they are packed safely. When you need storage boxes, you can find something to suit your needs at our facilities.

Are The Units Accessible 24/7?

It can be tough to move all of your belongings out of your home and into storage. When your items are in storage, though, not being able to access them at your convenience can become even more irritating. Guardian Self Storage, the premier choice for self storage Redbank Plains, can help you make sure that accessing your storage unit as required is easy. Each of our facilities managers would love to help you find the right storage solutions for your needs - complete our enquiry form today to get in touch with our team.

Despite not being open all hours of the day, every day of the week, our facilities all ensure that customers maintain convenient access to their items. As each of our facilities are independently operated, you'll need to reach out to your local facility to better understand their operating hours. You'll still be able to access your items when it suits you, though, as most of our facilities are open six days a week. Additionally, if you need storage for a business, your local storage manager may be able to organise an access arrangement that will suit your needs. All of your belongings can be conveniently accessed in any storage facility in our network.

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