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Drive-up Storage North Toowoomba

As a purpose-built self storage facility, many of our storage stores are drive-up units. Simply park your car outside and move your goods in and out as you please. Very easy access to help with your storage needs. Based in North Toowoomba Guardian Self Storage is perfect for your self storage needs.

Commercial Storage Toowoomba

Our Toowoomba Storage Units can be utilized for Businesses to store their excess stock or as a pick-up/drop-off point for Staff and Couriers. We also offer Car, Caravan, or Boat Storage. The larger units are durable steel, weatherproofed construction suitable for commercial stock use or the larger household. Many of these units have access doors at opposite ends, providing a drive-through capability excellent for caravans, campervans, boats, and trailer storage.

Self Storage Toowoomba

This premier storage facility boasts general self-storage options as well as a purpose built state of the art storage facility. Our onsite Manager will ensure the highest level of service and security for your treasured possessions. We want you to have peace of mind!

Secure Storage Toowoomba

Guardian Self Storage Toowoomba site is protected by a number of security features, meaning your equipment is probably safer here than it is at your home or business! PIN coded access and 24/7 security CCTV.

Easy Storage Toowoomba

Access to the Guardian Self Storage Toowoomba site is available from 6:00am through to 7:00pm every day. Our Storage Shed Toowoomba is even open on public holidays, including Australia Day and Christmas Day.

Business & Personal Self Storage Solutions:

Conveniently located and servicing the area's of Highfields, Wilsonton, Mt Lofty, East Toowoomba, Toowoomba CBD, Harristown, Redwood, Middle Ridge, Oakey, Darling Heights, Centenary Heights, Newtown, North Toowoomba, Rockville, Drayton and many others 4350 locations.

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Customer Reviews
What clients say about Guardian Storage Toowoomba
Hey Gary, I have finished using the shed D16. All of my items are gone and it's all yours now. Thank you for your service it was great! Thank you, Cloie
Chloe 06 Dec 2021
Helpful and friendly staff made moving at short notice a breeze and I feel secure with my possessions in storage there while I am getting a new place organised. Its not often these days that you see this type of honest and considerate service in business and it was a pleasure dealing with them.
Aimee Victoria 07 Oct 2021
A HUGE THANK YOU to Gary who went above and beyond by calling around and helping us find storage for our house last minute. An absolute beautiful gesture and incredible customer service to go out of his way like that which was completely unexpected but so appreciated.
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thank you very much Cahlua for your 5 star rating and very kind words. We are so glad to have had the opportunity to assist you as we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We wish you the best.
Cahlua Dahl 06 Oct 2021
This is would have to be the best experience we have had in Toowoomba when dealing with a business. Garry is amazing and cannot do enough to look after you. The service and attention to detail is great and nothing is a problem ever. You will not find a better value for money storage offering in town.
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thank you very much for your 5 star review and your kind words. Glad we could be of service to you and we lived up to our mission of providing no. 1 service to you! Thank you for choosing to store with us.
Paul Vincent 27 Aug 2021
Rod, what a legend! Went above and beyond to find us a storage option at super short notice. Really friendly and communicated everything really clearly. Highly recommend! :)
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thank you very much Tee for your 5 star rating and wonderful feedback. We are glad to have been able to be of service to you. Thank you for storing at our facility :)
Tee Myrie 04 Jun 2021

Frequently Asked Questions
What Can I Fit Inside Of A 3m x 6m Storage Unit?

There can be all manners of reasons that you might want to find somewhere to store your belongings while you leave your home for a while. You might be selling your house or allowing your lease to end, you might not want the items to be damaged or stolen, or you might be offering the home to friends or family in your absence. Whatever the reason, if you've got a big home to store, you might want to consider storing it in a 3m x 6m storage unit. Thankfully, our team can help you work out exactly what storage unit is best for your needs, no matter how much space you might require. If you have any other questions about storage units in Toowoomba, don't hesitate to reach out to your friendly local Guardian Self Storage facility LINEBREAK.
At roughly the standard size of a single garage, there is a lot of storage space in the 3m x 6m units. All of the belongings and furnishings of a home with 4 bedrooms will easily fit into one of these units, and there's a very good chance you'd even have some space to spare. Your vehicles will comfortable fit into a storage unit that's this big, meaning you can find space for your boat, small caravan, or car. There might be enough room for a small car and some furniture or a couple of motorbikes and some belongings, if you needed to use the space to store both. It's easy to understand why you can fit so much into a 3m x 6m storage unit when you consider just how big they are.

What Fits Inside Of A 2m x 3m Unit?

It can be quite logistically difficult to move everything you own in or out of storage in a hurry. Those difficulties only increase if you don't know what size you need your storage unit to be prior to moving in. Thankfully, if you've been considering a 2m x 3m unit, the resident experts on all things self storage in Toowoomba, Guardian Self Storage, can help you work out exactly what will fit inside of that space. To find an answer to any questions about storage that you might have, you can get in touch with our friendly team.

A 2m x 3m unit is an excellent choice for anyone that needs to store the contents of a small apartment or unit. While that might sound surprising, once you've packed all of your loose belongings into boxes and prepared your furniture to be stored as efficiently as possible, it's easy to see how you could fit everything from a small apartment into one of these units. You may choose to instead use this unit to store the contents of a bedroom, at which point you'd find you can comfortably fit a king-size bed, your entire wardrobe, and everything else you'd care to pack from your bedroom. There's space for about 200 archival boxes in a 2m x 3m unit, which might be the preferred use of the space for any business owner. Storing a small apartment's worth of belongings is easy in a 2m x 3m storage unit.

How Do You Stop Clothes From Being Ruined In Storage?

In most cases, you expect to find any items you leave in storage in the same condition when you later come to retrieve them. However, when it comes to clothing, minor errors during the storage process can quickly spiral out of control and will leave you with articles of clothing that are ruined, sometimes beyond repair. Fortunately, the resident experts in storage in Toowoomba, Guardian Self Storage, can help you work out exactly how to store your clothes best to prevent disaster. Should you find yourself with any other questions, the friendly team at your local Guardian Self Storage facility would be more than happy to help answer them.

Protecting anything you leave in storage is as simple as taking the appropriate precautions, and the same can be said of your clothes. Before you leave your clothes in storage, it's incredibly important that you clean them properly. Cleaning your clothes now is the only way to remove sticky substances such as food, dirt, or smoke, which, if left to seep into your clothes for six months in storage, might not ever come out again. It's highly likely that you will need to dispose of your clothes, though, if you store them while they're still wet, since mold and mildew will target the moist fabric. While plastic bins can be more expensive than cardboard boxes, they offer better protection for your clothes, which makes them the better choice for long-term clothes storage. So long as you take the right precautions, there should be no issues with your clothes in long-term storage.

Can You Operate Your Business Exclusively From A Storage Unit?

For any business owner that can't afford the rent for a commercial workshop, office, or storefront, the low cost of renting out a storage unit might seem like a perfect alternative. Sadly, though, the legislation around operating businesses from storage units can quickly become a hindrance for business owners, and it's best that you understand exactly what you can and cannot do before you make your business entirely dependant on a storage unit. Thankfully, Guardian Self Storage would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about operating your business from a storage unit in Toowoomba. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our friendly team, who would be more than happy to help.

While it is legal to utilise a storage unit during the operation of your business, you'll still need an office or storefront. Due to the purpose-orientated design of a storage unit, these spaces aren't able to meet the minimum standards for long-term occupancy as put forward by the government, which means they also legally can't be used as an office space or storefront. Any staff that do work in these spaces, should it become legal to do so, will be extremely uncomfortable and have their effectiveness hampered, as storage units typically don't feature much natural light, and nor do they provide electricity or running water. Storage units are excellent, though, for anyone looking for some additional storage space without the additional requirements, and higher rent, of a bigger office or storefront. There are multiple industries that can benefit from the low cost of renting a storage unit, including the arts, publishing, and retail. There are legal implications to operating your business from a storage unit that you may wish to consider before you try to save every penny possible.

Are There Items That Cannot Be Left In A Storage Unit?

It's always stressful to have to try to fit more belongings into your home than it can hold, but that doesn't a strorage facility is the best choice for everything you might possess. Fortunately, with our expert knowledge of storage in Toowoomba, Guardian Self Storage can help you work out what you can bring with you to our facilities, and what might be better left behind. To answer any question you might have regarding storage, you can reach out to your friendly, local Guardian Self Storage facility.
When it comes to working out what you shouldn't leave in a storage facility, it's usually best to either employ some common sense or discuss it with the staff. For instance, while a couch may be slightly flammable, anything extremely flammable or combustible, such as petrol or oil, is a liability, and cannot be stored. Similarly, chemicals such as paint thinner, kerosene, or chlorine bleach that passively give off fumes can't be put into storage because they may react with each other, so if you need to store any cleaning chemicals, you should check with the facility staff first. There are a variety of legal and moral issues with storing anything that has been stolen, as there are for the storage of weapons, ammunition, and explosive devices, so if you've stolen it or could potentially use to it to steal something else, it might be best left at home. Any live plants you leave in your unit will quickly attract large groups of pests and bugs which will present an issue not just to your belongings, but to those of your neighbouring tenants, so your storage unit is best left devoid of any live plant life. You'll need to ensure that anything that would be chronically wet when in use, such as a surfboard, a raft, or a canoe has been entirely dried before you place it into storage, as the moisture will attract mold and mildew. All you need to do to work out if you should store something in a storage facility is either apply some common sense, or have a quick chat with the friendly staff.

Can You Sleep In A Storage Unit?

With the current state of the housing market, it's very likely that the concept of alternative housing solutions has crossed your mind at least once. Considering how much cheaper renting self-storage units can be than a house, you might be considering staying at a self-storage facility, but that isn't a good idea. Fortunately, Guardian Self Storage, the resident experts in all matters related to storage in Toowoomba, can explain all the reasons you'd want to avoid staying in such a unit. To answer any question you have about storage, you should contact your friendly, local Guardian Self Storage team.

Self-storage units are fantastic for your belongings and can seem quite comfortable, but they'd provide a terrible quality of life for anyone staying there permanently. Importantly, before any consideration of comfort can be made, it is critical to remember that living in a storage unit is typically illegal, and can bring legal problems upon both you and the storage company in question. The heavy insulation in a storage unit helps protect it from both heat and cold outside, but because that demands the unit to be relatively-effectively sealed, it won't be long before the air inside becomes quite stale. The vast majority of storage units do not account for reliable access to both running water and electricity, which means simple tasks such as showering or cooking can quickly become quite expensive due to you needing to find the facilities to do so elsewhere. Properties built for long-term occupation must meet a stringent set of standards, none of which a storage-unit is able to account for, so it should also be noted that sleeping in a storage unit is likely to present you with a substantial fire hazard. Not only is sleeping in a storage unit typically illegal, the experience will be neither safe nor comfortable, and as such, is an experience best avoided.

Are Storage Units Hot?

If the storage unit is a driveway unit, there may be some heat against the door, however the inside will actually be at a tolerable temperature. There are built-in airflow openings between the wall and roof to help regulate the temperature.
This is not the case for 'container storage' as they are sealed and attract condensation.
It is important to leave hazardous materials like petrol, gas bottles and containers holding poisonous gasses out of the storage units, as the varying temperature can escalate their danger.
For more information on how best to pack certain items visit the 'Packing Tips' page on the Guardian Self Storage website.

Are There A Lot Of Thefts At Storage Units?

At Guardian Self Storage there are rarely any items that get stolen. This is due to the maintained state-of-the-art security systems that we have in place. So, you can be rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure. Each customer has their own unique PIN code to access their storage unit, plus security and camera systems are always closely monitored. If you live around Toowoomba and need a quote on a storage unit, contact your closest Guardian Self Storage facility today.

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