Have some items you’re thinking of storing in self storage but not sure what can be kept inside without it getting damaged? Well, this guide will help you find an answer to that.

We’ve mentioned some common types of things you can tuck away in these storage units. Let’s have a look at them below:

Things You Can Store in Self Storage Unit:

1. Furniture


The most common item you’ll find in every storage unit is furniture. Most of the furniture items are bulky, so they can take a lot of space. So if you don’t have spare space for them in your house, you can opt for storing in self storage unit. This can be beds, mattresses, tables and chair sets, and patio furniture.


2. Seasonal Items


Your home might not have enough space to store things during the off-season. For instance, clothes, shoes, ski gear, and holiday decorations, etc., are the things that can occupy a good chunk of space when not in use. So storing in self storage Wilsonton is a good idea.


3. Large Appliances:


You may have some outdated household appliances that you want to replace but not sure where to keep the old ones until you can decide what to do with them. Well, in that case storing in self storage is the right decision. You can take anything from washers, kitchen stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers, to furnace, etc., and store it in the self storage Toowoomba unit.

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4. Documents and Files


Although it is suggested to keep the important documents with you at all times, there can be instances when you’ve got no space at home.

Or maybe you’re moving somewhere and need the docs stored somewhere safe. This is when you can put the documents in airtight plastic boxes and then store those boxes in the self-storage unit.

You can also store your old books and magazines if you want; just make sure to put them in airtight plastic containers.

5. Artworks and Collectibles


Have some art pieces or collectors’ items that you want to safely store someplace while moving house? Well, a storage unit is probably the best place for that.

Just make sure to go for a clean, dry, and temperature-controlled facility, so your art pieces don’t get ruined.






Parting Words:

Whether you are keeping things in storage for a few days or weeks, it is better to work with a professional storage unit in Toowoomba. It should be well-protected and climate-controlled, so your valuables don’t get damaged.