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Convenient Storage Deception Bay

Situated near the heart of Deception Bay, you will find Guardian Self Storage Deception Bay easy to locate. If you are a resident or regularly pass through Deception Bay, you will find convenience storing at our Deception Bay Self Storage.

Storage Access Deception Bay

You will have easy access to your possessions and storage site at all times. You can trust Guardian Self Storage Deception Bay! You have the ease and comfort of access from 5:00am - 8:00pm, 7 days a week. That's peace of mind.

Safe & Secure Storage at Deception Bay

Have peace of mind knowing that your items in self storage units are being watched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have recently upgraded our security and camera systems which are monitored regularly.

Clean and Pest Controlled Storage

Keeping our storage sites clean is something that our self storage providers take care of and we make sure that all our facilities are in a high standard. Frequently sprayed for pests rest assured you are in the number 1 facility.

Different sizes for Storage at Deception Bay

No matter what you would like to put into storage at Deception Bay, we will have a storage bay to suit. We appreciate that there is no one-size-fits-all. And even if you have a house load of furniture, a few things from the garage, boat, or caravan, we can accommodate it in our storage units, Deception Bay.

Best Storage Near Deception Bay

Deception Bay Self Storage has now become Guardian Self Storage Deception Bay and part of a self storage network numbering more than 8 sites. Guardian Self Storage are Queensland's most trusted self storage providers and now are serving Deception Bay.

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Customer Reviews
What clients say about Guardian Storage Deception Bay
Luciana is very friendly and excellent to deal with. Many thanks for all your support and assistance.
Daniel Larrett 02 Sep 2021
Great experience, so helpful in obtaining a storage unit, they were in constant contact knowing that we needed a solution. As a defence veteran they looked after me. Thankyou so much.
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thanks Wayne for your 5 star review. Thank you for storing with us.
Wayne Rye 27 Aug 2021
Lovely & very helpful service!
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thank you very much Jo for your 5 star rating and comments. Always happy to be of service to you. Thank you for storing with us.
Jo Harvison 30 Jul 2021
Lu was very helpful and accommodating at a moment’s notice when I needed storage. Very friendly and efficient with everything from start to finish.
Antoinette C 16 Jul 2021
These guys were so hospitable, I had no where to store my goods due to a last minute change in circumstances. They went above and beyond to accommodate me. Thank you for easing my stress levels. I will always recommend you to family and friends.
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thank you Kelly for the 5 Star review. We are very happy we could help you out and make it easy for you. Thanks again.
Kelly Goffin 01 Feb 2021

Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Stuff Can A 3m x 6m Storage Unit Hold?

It's not unusual to want to find a storage solution for your belongings if you're going to be leaving home for quite some time. One reason might be to try and protect your items from any damage or theft that might occur while you're away, or it may instead be that someone else is moving into the home once you've left. Whatever the reason, if you've got a big home to store, you might want to consider storing it in a 3m x 6m storage unit. Thankfully, our team can help you work out exactly what storage unit is best for your needs, no matter how much space you might require. Don't hesitate to contact your friendly local Guardian Self Storage facility with every question about storage units in Deception Bay that you may have.
You'll find there's a lot of space in a storage unit that measures in at 3m x 6m, since they're about the size of a standard single garage. All of the belongings and furnishings of a home with 4 bedrooms will easily fit into one of these units, and there's a very good chance you'd even have some space to spare. Units of this size can also help to keep your vehicles undercover and away from the damaging elements, including small caravans, boats, or cars. These units can also fit a couple of motorbikes alongside some belongings, or you may even be able fit a small car alongside the furnishings of an equally-small apartment. It's easy to understand why you can fit so much into a 3m x 6m storage unit when you consider just how big they are.

When Would I Need A Storage Unit That Is 2m x 3m?

There's no end to the logistical difficulties to trying to fit everything you own into a storage unit without adequate prior notice. Unfortunately, moving day does not make for a good time to try and work out what size storage unit you'll need, and if you haven't worked out an answer before hand, you'll find the process of moving in can quickly become quite difficult. Thankfully, if you've been considering a 2m x 3m unit, the resident experts on all things self storage in Deception Bay, Guardian Self Storage, can help you work out exactly what will fit inside of that space. To find an answer to any questions about storage that you might have, you can get in touch with our friendly team.

The contents of a small unit or apartment will fit wondoursly into a 2m x 3m storage unit. Provided that your furniture is stored efficiently and your loose belongings are packed into boxes, it's easy to see how everything fits into such a cosy unit, even if that may not immediatlely seem obviously possible. You may choose to instead use this unit to store the contents of a bedroom, at which point you'd find you can comfortably fit a king-size bed, your entire wardrobe, and everything else you'd care to pack from your bedroom. Your business may instead choose to benefit from using the space for record storage, as a 2m x 3m unit can store approximately 200 archival boxes. To store a the belongings of a small apartment, look no further than a 2m x 3m storage unit.

How Do You Stop Clothes From Being Ruined In Storage?

You expect that any item you place into storage will remain in the same condition until you're ready to retrieve them again. The storage process for clothes, however, is exceedingly delicate, with minor errors quickly ruining beloved pieces of clothing. Fortunately, the resident experts in storage in Deception Bay, Guardian Self Storage, can help you work out exactly how to store your clothes best to prevent disaster. Should you find yourself with any other questions, the friendly team at your local Guardian Self Storage facility would be more than happy to help answer them.

All you need to do to protect the items you leave in storage, including your clothes, is make sure you take the appropriate precautions. A thorough cleaning is the first measure you can take to protect your clothes, even before you've arrived at the storage unit. Cleaning your clothes now is the only way to remove sticky substances such as food, dirt, or smoke, which, if left to seep into your clothes for six months in storage, might not ever come out again. Any clothes that are stored while wet, though, will attract large amounts of mildew and mold which will result in you needing to just throw away the clothes, regardless of your attachment to any individual piece. The higher protection offered by plastic bins make them superior choices for the long-term storage of clothes when compared to cardboard boxes, even if the bins are a touch dearer in terms of price. So long as you take the right precautions, there should be no issues with your clothes in long-term storage.

Can You Operate Your Business Exclusively From A Storage Unit?

When you can't afford to maintain a commercial space for your business - whether that be a workshop, storefront, or office - because of the rent costs, the low cost of renting out a storage unit quickly becomes an attractive alternative. It's fairly important that you think about what legislation will impact you before you shift over to operating your business exclusively from a storage unit, though, as the legal requirements can quickly pose issues for business owners. Thankfully, Guardian Self Storage would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about operating your business from a storage unit in Deception Bay. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our friendly team, who would be more than happy to help.

You will still need an office or storefront to operate your business from, even if it is legal to utiilise a storage unit as part of those operations. It's illegal to use storage units as either office space or a storefront, since the purpose-orientated design of these properties fail to meet the minimum requirements for long-term occupancy as outlined by the government. Any staff that do work in these spaces, should it become legal to do so, will be extremely uncomfortable and have their effectiveness hampered, as storage units typically don't feature much natural light, and nor do they provide electricity or running water. There are situations where self-storage is an excellent choice for business use, however, such as when you require additional storage space but don't want to pay for larger offices or storefronts. Retail, the arts, and publishing are all examples of industries that can benefit from the lowered cost of renting a storage unit. There are legal implications to operating your business from a storage unit that you may wish to consider before you try to save every penny possible.

What Items Should Not Be Put Into A Storage Unit?

Finding space for everything you own in your home can be quite difficult, but that doesn't mean all of your possessions will belong in a storage unit, either. Working out what belongs in our storage facilities and what is best left at home is simple with Guardian Self Storage, the leading experts on storage in Deception Bay. To answer any question you might have regarding storage, you can reach out to your friendly, local Guardian Self Storage facility.
When it comes to working out what you shouldn't leave in a storage facility, it's usually best to either employ some common sense or discuss it with the staff. As an example, you cannot store anything extremely combustible, such as petrol or oil, as while a couch might be slightly flammable, the highly flammable and combustible nature of these substances makes them a liability. There are a wide range of chemicals that can be just as dangerous, such as paint thinner, chlorine bleach, and kerosene, so you should speak to the storage staff first before leaving these materials in storage, as they may emit fumes that could react together while in storage. There are a variety of legal and moral issues with storing anything that has been stolen, as there are for the storage of weapons, ammunition, and explosive devices, so if you've stolen it or could potentially use to it to steal something else, it might be best left at home. Your neighbouring tenants won't appreciate the pests and bugs any live flora you leave in your storage unit will attract, so it's best that you avoid leaving any plants in your unit. Accompanying the pests and bugs will be mold and mildew if you're also storing something that is commonly wet, such as a canoe, a surfboard, or a raft without first drying it. All you need to do to work out if you should store something in a storage facility is either apply some common sense, or have a quick chat with the friendly staff.

Do Storage Units Provide A Place To Sleep?

If you've seen the housing market as it currently sits, it's highly likely that your mind has wandered into thinking about alternative housing solutions that don't involve paying such high prices. On paper, it might sound like a good idea to stay at a self-storage facility owing to the much cheaper rent, but that's not very advisable. Fortunately, Guardian Self Storage, the resident experts in all matters related to storage in Deception Bay, can explain all the reasons you'd want to avoid staying in such a unit. To answer any question you have about storage, you should contact your friendly, local Guardian Self Storage team.

While self-storage units are more than adequate for the storage of belongings and aren't uncomfortable during your brief visits, they cannot provide a high quality of life to anyone who chooses to stay there permanently. Before one can begin to consider whether or not a storage unit would be comfortable, you must remember that sleeping in a storage unit is illegal more often than not, which means you could find yourself facing substantial legal trouble, as could the storage facility itself. The heavy insulation in a storage unit helps protect it from both heat and cold outside, but because that demands the unit to be relatively-effectively sealed, it won't be long before the air inside becomes quite stale. You won't have reliable access to a shower, a toilet, or a kitchen, since both running water and electricity are hazardous when left unattended which means access to either is not accounted for in most storage units. There are also a set of strict standards for long-term occupation that storage units are not designed to accommodate, which does mean that sleeping in a storage unit of any design constitutes a severe fire hazard. Not only is sleeping in a storage unit typically illegal, the experience will be neither safe nor comfortable, and as such, is an experience best avoided.

Are Storage Units Hot?

In the heat of the day you might find that your storage unit door can get hot especially if it is a driveway unit, however the temperature inside will be OK. The temperature inside the storage units are eased by the handy built in airflow openings that are between the wall and roof.
This is not the case for 'container storage' as they are sealed and attract condensation.
It is important to leave hazardous materials like petrol, gas bottles and containers holding poisonous gasses out of the storage units, as the varying temperature can escalate their danger.
Be sure to visit the Guardian Self Storage website to view the 'Packing Tips' page for more information on how best to pack certain items.

Can A Storage Unit Be Robbed?

There are rarely any robberies at the Guardian Self Storage units. Because we ensure that we maintain our state-of-the-art security systems. So, you can be rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure. Each customer has their own unique PIN code to access their storage unit, plus security and camera systems are always closely monitored. If you need a quote on a storage unit around Deception Bay, contact your closest Guardian Self Storage facility today.

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