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Self Storage Wilsonton

If you are looking for self storage at Wilsonton then look no further then Guardian Self Storage Wilsonton. Located in Boundary St, Wilsonton, we are your local self storage facility. Our highly experienced local storage Manager has worked in the self storage industry for many years, so you can be sure of first-rate knowledge and great service to ensure that your needs are met with a smile.

Self Storage Units Wilsonton

Guardian Self Storage Wilsonton has a variety of storage sheds for every need. They are clean, modern and freshly serviced in preparation for storing your home items, business items or all your possessions whilst you travel around Australia or the world. For expert attention in providing self storage units at Wilsonton, call and speak to our local friendly storage Manager today.

Self Storage Sheds Wilsonton

Whether it's storage units or storage sheds, we have them both available for you! We offer 3m x 4m and 3m x 5m which are perfect for storing a 3 and 4 bedroom house. For larger storage sheds and the likes of storing a 5 bedroom house, you are likely to need a 3m x 7m. With sizes ranging upwards from 2m x 1.5m we have something for your needs.

Affordable Storage Wilsonton

If price is an issue and you are looking for affordable storage in Wilsonton, then call us now! Your experienced local storage Manager is the person to talk to and discuss your needs. There are many different sized units to choose from, so let us assist you to ensure that you find the best possible solution for your needs.

Car Storage Wilsonton

With so many people owning caravans, RV's and extra vehicles in Toowoomba and around Wilsonton, car storage has never been more popular. Space is also limited at our Guardian Self Storage Wilsonton Toowoomba facility. Be sure to call and speak with our friendly onsite manager about your needs. This means you will get the best service, advice and price.

Secure Storage Toowoomba Wilsonton

Security is really important to us at Guardian Self Storage Wilsonton, Toowoomba. Part of the reason that we are Queensland’s favourite self storage business, is the belief in having first class security systems to give you peace of mind for your possessions located in our storage. Above and beyond normal security systems for with our Wilsonton self storage sheds is the extra security feature of individual alarms on each storage unit door

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Customer Reviews
What clients say about Guardian Storage Wilsonton
Friendly staff, easy access to storage lockup great experience overall.
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thanks Jake, for your 5 star review. Thanks for storing with us and we're glad to be of service to you.
Jake Desade 05 Aug 2021
The best storage company I have ever used. Rod’s communication and customer service skills are fantastic. Facility is secure and easy to use. Highly recommended.
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thank you very much for your lovely words and 5 star rating. We are so happy to be able to be of assistance to you and so glad you chose to store with us.
N Jenkins 09 Jul 2021
Best storage facility in Queensland that i have seen ... Staff exceptional
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thank you very much Monique for your 5 star rating and lovely feedback. Glad to be of service to you.
Thank you for storing at our facility :)

Monique Azure 20 Jun 2021
Staff very friendly and helpful and explained everything very well.
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thanks Stephen for your 5 star rating. We appreciate you storing with us and glad to know that we were able to be of assistance to you.
Stephen Grayson 14 May 2021
Great and super friendly customer service and staff, very satisfied with the level of security they have in place and I can stress less knowing my stuff is secured.
   Guardian Storage reply logo Guardian Storage response: Thanks Alana for your 5 star review. We appreciate you trusting in us to store your goods and that your interaction with us was enjoyable.
Alana Nash 07 May 2021

Frequently Asked Questions
Do You Have Storage For My Business?

Yes, we have many business store with us. Should you require a location for deliveries to be made and help with managed storage, that's something that we can offer, too. Just give our team a call, and we'll do what we can to make sure your needs are met.

Can My Goods Be Insured While With You?

Yes, if you would like to add insurance to your goods while storing, it's incredibly simple. You can either choose to add this on at any time during your stay with our storage team, though it is also incredibly easy to setup when you first move in.

Have Your Sheds Been Waterproofed?

Yes, all of our sheds are 100% waterproof. To prevent even the most minute damage, we also make sure every shed is appropriately insulated.

Do You Have A Trailer Or Truck?

We have a trailer which is free for all new customers moving in. That trailer is also available to any customer moving out, for a fee, and you're encouraged to ask your local team of friendly storage experts about the rates and availability.

How Do I Prepare My Car For Long Term Storage?

When you're in a position where you won't be using your car for a while, it's normal to worry about it collecting dust or rusting away while it sits in your garage. With our car storage facilities, you won't have to worry about any of that - just give our team a call, and we'll get you started.

How Long Do I Need To Wait Before I Can Move In?

Providing we have availability, you can move in immediately. Our friendly team is always ready to help you with any of your storage needs - just give us a call today.

What Hidden Fees Do I Need To Consider?

Unlike many other storage places, we do not have any hidden fees. When you work with Guardian Self Storage, admin fees and initial set up fees just aren't worth thinking about. Instead, all you'll need to do is pay for your first month, and then move in. The only other fee to consider is the cost of your own padlock, and if you don't already own one, we do sell them in our box shop.

Can I Operate A Business From A Storage Unit?

Storage units have been a significant part of every home and business owner's life. You'll be able to take your time working out what to do with unwanted or unneeded goods with a storage unit. With that said, in recent times, lots of people have begun talking about operating businesses out of their storage units. If you want to know whether it's something that can be done, please give our friendly staff a call.

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